José António Pinheiro

Invited Associate Professor

José António Pinheiro, Invited Professor at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics at NOVA SBE. Degree in Applied Mathematics from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and Master in Statistics and Information Management from NOVA.

He taught all disciplines of quantitative methods in Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Trainer of the European Commission, the UN and several international institutions. Former Eurostat official and special advisor to its Steering Committee. Institutional building experience in several EU candidate countries and other peripherals.

Courses By Speaker

Certificate in “Data Treatment”

Quality statistical outputs depend largely on the quality of the data being used and analyzed. One important process required in producing quality statistical output is data treatment. Data treatment means the access, collection, use, processing, storage, retention, sharing, distribution, transmission, transfer, disclosure, security, destruction, or disposal of any business or government data. In other words, a smorgasbord of activities that cover overarching steps from preprocessing to developments with classical and modern tools like data mining, decision trees, and neuronal networks. Our Certificate in “Data Treatment” course provides learners with a broad understanding of data treatment processing steps. Learners will acquire the skill to summarize and visualaize statistics and to become familiarized with data cleaning and feature scaling methods.

Course Outline:

Data pre-processing, pre-processing basics, and pre-processing steps
Introduction to data mining
Data mining techniques
Missing values in source data
Data transformations
Handling sparse data