Course Description

Globally there is clear trend that National Statistical Offices (NSOs) are moving from a supply driven approach towards a demand driven, user centric approach. This is seen as a necessity because if NSOs cannot provide what governmental requirements, they will move to source those requirements from private sector companies which can provide what they need. 

Hence, NSO's are running the risk of becoming redundant if they cannot provide what their main users (decision makers in governments) need.  For NSO's this leads to the necessity of deeply understanding the needs of their main users by adapting a user centric approach which is proving to be a huge challenge.
This course identifies and provides solutions for the major challenges of moving towards a user centric approach for official statistics. It focuses on maximizing interactions with decision makers to really understand their needs, ranging from sending out questionnaires on users' wishes and requirements, to infrequent meetings to understand their vision and use cases comprehensively.

Course outline:

•    Methodology and Customer Centricity Principles
•    Customer Centricity Tools
•    Building and Maintaining Customer Insights Engines

Course Goals

18 Dec 2023 20 Dec 2023
8 Hours/Day
Course Details
EP-DS NA In-Person


Guilherme Victorino

Invited Assistant Professor

Guilherme Martins Victorino is currently Associate Dean of NOVA IMS for the area of "Value Creation" and he is the coordinator of the "Innovation& Analytics Lab" and "Health & Analytics Lab". Guilherme is an invited professor at NOVA IMS in the areas of Innovation, Change and Knowledge Management and coordinates the Postgraduate Course in Information Management and BI in Health. He is also coordinator of the Design Thinking course of the Doctoral School of Nova University of Lisbon, accompanying PhD students in disruptive innovation processes.

As a consultant and certified trainer in Design Thinking and Change Management he has had the opportunity to work on new approaches to innovation and change management in leading companies in Portugal, Brazil, USA and Australia in specific organizational challenges at the operational, marketing, commercial, organizational and process redesign and resource training using advanced simulators. As an executive he has a career of over 15 years in leadership positions in sectors such as Healthcare, Media and Telecommunications.

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