Course Description

Strategic innovation is a process of reinventing or redesigning strategy to drive growth, generate value for the organization and its customers, and to create competitive advantage. It is imperative for organizations to adopt this type of innovation in order to adapt to the speed of technology change. Change management, on the other hand, is required when an organization is undergoing a transformation shaped by strategic innovation. Our Certificate in “Strategic Innovation and Change Management” is designed to enhance learners’ general understanding of strategic innovation and change management, and to appreciate the main stages of the innovation process. Learners will also gain skills to practice the principles of change and knowledge management, and to appreciate the benefits of collective intelligence, and intelligent organizations.

Course outline:


  • Typologies and main stages of an innovation process
  • The major global issues and challenges as catalysts for the innovation process
  • Innovation as a key factor for the survival and relevance of a company
  • Organizational innovation: analysis and applicability of innovation cases in other industries
  • Principles of change management
  • Planning for effective change
  • Culture, leadership, and motivation: central or contextual factors for change
  • Metrics to assess and diagnose the change process
  • Managing change: analysis of case studies of change projects
  • Principles of knowledge management
  • Knowledge work: processes, purposes, and contexts
  • Collaboration, social capital, and organizational networks analysis
  • Collective intelligence and intelligent organizations

Course Goals

8 Hours/Day
Course Details
SCB_2023 Comprehensive Test In-Person