As the world is continuously changing, so is the way we conduct our business which is continuously progressing towards its optimal form. This change in the social, economic and social landscape needs to be accompanied with a human capital transformation to allows us to navigate the complexity of the business world and foresee and realize the potential in our future. For over 10 years STI has been at the forefront of this human transformation and has been the vehicle which helped us develop our cadre and today, more than ever, we continue to rely on STI to deliver the capabilities and skills needed for the future. We have full trust in STI’s leadership and team to continue to support us in elevating to new levels and become the pioneers in our industry.

Abdulla Gharib Alqemzi
Acting Director General of Statistics
Centre - Abu Dhabi

For the past decade, STI has been committed to creating and delivering quality capability development solutions for data and statistics practitioners in the government of Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates. Our team strives to create the most engaging learning experiences even with the most complex topics and any time-sensitive situation.

To us, it is imperative to work diligently with the highest enthusiasm, dedication, responsibility and drive to support our customers attain their goals. This have helped us build our strong reputation and ensured a continuous and sustainable relationships with our stakeholders.

Today we are proud to be at the heart of the amazing the Government transformation into a data-driven public sector and we renew our dedication and loyalty to serving the vision of the government of Abu Dhabi and UAE.

Rabaa M. Baniyas
Director of Statistical Training Institute